Pregnancy Calculator By Conception Date| Day By Day Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calculator By Conception Date| Day By Day Pregnancy Calendar

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This method is commonly used in determining the beginning of gestation. This involves the use of ovulation date of the mother, normal cycle of periods and the date when her period is due. By all of those, we can calculate when is the fetus conceived.

One concept that a mother-to-be should understand is that the event called “conception” happens when her egg is fertilized by a sperm and is implanted into the walls of the uterus. However, there are certain rare cases that the beginning of gestation happens before or following the ovulation cycle of a woman. Normally, the event of “ovulation” happens in the middle of your menstrual cycle. The usual, regular cycle encloses 28 days; therefore, the ovulation date is on the 14th day. Otherwise, some women have a longer cycle like 31 days; their ovulation will start on the 17th day. Going back to the date of conception, this will occur on the 5th or 6th day prior to the date of your ovulation which plays a very important role in calculating the date of your delivery (if you are positive for pregnancy). The licensed physician will have to compute and estimate your date of conception.

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Pregnancy Calculator By Conception Date| Day By Day Pregnancy Calendar: Advice

Knowing the Date of Conception Based from the Natal Day

In knowing the start of the conception of your baby may not give off the same date as his natal day. What’s more is that, it is not often that a person will be inquisitive enough during gestation. An individual or a couple can compute the date of when the mother had conceived their baby even after its delivery. It is computed from the no. of days before the baby’s due delivery.

Why is this used? It is because couples or a woman who would want to plan for her next pregnancy and the time that will be suitable for her will be more efficient. This will let her and her family prepare the necessary things for the next baby.

Knowing the Date of Conception Based from the Due Date

The date of conception is important in determining the due date. A woman should initially know how to estimate the beginning date of her pregnancy, and from there, she or the licensed physicians can now compute the delivery date of her baby.

The date of conception can be known through the date that you, yourself will provide which is the first day of your last menstruation. Ovulation happens in the mid-cycle of your menstrual cycle. If you have a 28-day cycle, then your ovulation will start to happen on the 14th day. While ovulating, these days are called “unsafe days” which means you can conceive a baby when you had unsafe sexual intercourse during this time or a week prior to the start of your ovulation. With this information, you can actually estimate the start of your conception (when your egg and your partner’s sperm started to unite which will both create an offspring – your baby).

Pregnancy Calculator By Conception Date| Day By Day Pregnancy Calendar: Suggestion

After knowing the date of your conception, the licensed physician will know compute the date of your delivery, which is adding up 266 days or thirty-eight weeks from it (according to Naegel’s Theory). On the other hand, this doesn’t apply for everybody. Every woman is unique in her own way; these are only estimations and guides. This might not give off an accurate result because these are also based from the estimated date of conception which might not be accurate. Also, for those women who have irregular menstrual cycle or those who have cycles longer or shorter than the usual 28-days might have a problem in predicting the dates with precision.

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